Holistic Energy Healing & Vibration

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Energy healing permeates holistic complementary health care, including Reiki, vibrational medicine (sound healing), meditation, Qi Gong etc. What is this energy healing?

YOU are a being of vibrating energy. Your physical body is made up of more atoms than stars that exist in the solar system. These atoms vibrate in constant movement. Your tissues, organs, and every cell of your body flow in fluid along channels and radiant circuits creating a unique and vibrating subtle energy field that exists within and extends beyond your body. The vibrations of your collective energy field determine your health and sense of wellbeing. We live in a time when scientific research confirms the presence of the human energy field (bio-field), its role in health and disease and the effectiveness of energy therapies.

Energy healing then is the practice of the provider consciously opening to and channeling life force energy (the energy of creation, the cosmos, spirit, divine wisdom) to the client’s life force energy creating a synchrony or a raising of the vibration of the body, mind and spirit and brings the client’s bio-field toward it’s unique and optimum state of vibration, flow and evolution - health!

When there has been physical injury, emotional pain, trauma, poor diet, inadequate exercise or hydration, energy can stagnate and vibrations can shift. In addition, our negative thoughts and beliefs can create congested energy because of the vibration they carry with them. In time, these energy blocks lead to illness, emotional and mental dis-ease.

Energy healing clears blockages and re-creates balance to facilitate the flow of energy, health and wellbeing!

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Sessions are typically bimonthly lasting 1 1/2 hours. They begin with a consultation and initial session and subsequent sessions with check-ins, review and updates re: your mutually created plan of care. Ms. Van Wagner intuitively works with each client to provide a unique healing and renewing journey.


Energy sessions & Therapies

  • Reiki/Integrated Energy Therapy

  • Sound Healing

  • Kinetic Chain Release

  • Guided Meditation sessions

  • Movement/Yoga sessions

  • Chakra Balancing