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My intention as a practitioner is to support your process as you bring forth your own awareness, self-healing and vibrant wellbeing.
Grand Canyon, March 2016

Grand Canyon, March 2016


Olivia Van Wagner, MA, has been studying and practicing a variety of ancient and modern energy healing and spiritual practices over the past 10+ years.  All are focused in a fundamental belief that we are divinely & universally created spiritual beings within physical bodies designed to experience joyful lives of wellbeing.  

Ms. Van Wagner is a career audiologist with over 30 years in clinical practice.  Her career has been diverse and fulfilling .  A series of personal and family losses and trauma, led Ms. Van Wagner to alternative therapies and spiritual teachings for her own healing and renewal.  Her recovery proceeded rapidly and stirred within her an awareness of a deep and profound level of healing beyond “medical” health. Ms. Van Wagner began studying and training in energy healing finally discovering sound or vibrational healing.  It was an amazing moment when she realized that in fact, she had always been working with sound waves, linking her career in audiology to her understandings of energy and how we are wonderfully and fearfully made beings of a vibrating abundant universe!

Today, Ms. Van Wagner is a unique sound healer marrying the science of sound with the vibrancy of energy healing therapies.

“We are all spiritual beings connected to the universal stream of pure Love, Wisdom,joy, Truth, Peace, Freedom. As such, we already have everything we need to navigate and uniquely create a magical life.”


The healing journey within connects you to your own stream of wellbeing, resilience and guidance and enables you to create an inspired life of growth, expansion, joy, gratitude and service.

There are many tools and practices to assist in reconnecting within and to re-write stories that do not support our unique presence.  If you are yearning for reunion with your Self, with all that you already possess to create a life of inspired empowered connection, I understand and can support you on your journey. 

You are your own treasure! You are an alchemist of the highest order! What do you want to focus on to bring forth a life of vibrant wellbeing?  Schedule your consultation and initial session today!